Key Information

Market : EURONEXT Paris (Compartment B)
Trading: Continuous
ISIN code: FR0000054694
DR Symbol: NTUXY
Sector: Food Industry
Indices : CACT, CAC® PME, CAC Mid & Small, CAC Small, Gaïa Index
Eligible for the “long-only” Deferred Settlement Service (SRD), and French equity plans (PEA and PEA-PME)
ADR (American Depositary receipt) program with BNY Mellon

Number of shares as at 30 September 2014: 9,194,933
Number of voting rights as at 30 September 2014: 10,065,919


Share price details

Trading of 01/22/2015 at 15h32

Last price Variation Opening High Low Volume
46.32€ 1.33% 45.95€ 46.55€ 45.50€ 6 277

Since the beginning of the year

High (closing price) Low (closing price) Change since 01/01/2015
51.20€ 45.70€ -7.36%




31 August 2014

  Number of shares % of capital % of voting rights
Treasury Shares - NATUREX S.A (1) 11,433 0.12% -
SGD (2) 1,997,869 21.73% 28.28%
FINASUCRE 41,961 0.46% 0.42%
Total shareholders acting together (3) 2,039,830 22.18% 28.70%
CARAVELLE (4) 1,400,026 15.23% 13.91%
Public 5,743,644 62.47% 57.39%
Total shareholders 9,194,933 100.00% 100.00%
Number of shares 11,433
% of capital 0.12%
% of voting rights -
  SGD (2)
Number of shares 1,997,869
% of capital 21.73%
% of voting rights 28.28%
Number of shares 41,961
% of capital 0.46%
% of voting rights 0.42%
  Total shareholders acting together (3)
Number of shares 2,039,830
% of capital 22.18%
% of voting rights 28.70%
Number of shares 1,400,026
% of capital 15.23%
% of voting rights 13.91%
Number of shares 5,743,644
% of capital 62.47%
% of voting rights 57.39%
  Total shareholders
Number of shares 9,194,933
% of capital 100.00%
% of voting rights 100.00%

Capital structure as at 30 September 2014


SGD/Finasucre held 28.12% of the voting rights as at 31 August 2014

(1) NATUREX S.A holds treasury shares within the framework of the liquidity contract concluded with Exane BNP Paribas.

(2) SGD's capital is held by FINASUCRE at 83.17% and Group UNIGRAINS entered to the capital at 16.03% on 9 July 2014 by subscription to the capital increase of SGD.

(3) An action in concert exists between SGD, NATUREx's lead shareholder and FINASUCRE in light of the existence of common Executive Officers for these two entities, Paul and Olivier LIPPENS, also Directors of NATUREX.

(4) CARAVELLE Group acquired on 5 December 2012 Natraceutical's stake (Natra Group) in NATUREX. Hélène MARTEL-MASSIGNAC, Chair and CEO of CARAVELLE, is also Director of NATUREX.

Sources : SGSS/GIS and NATUREX – September 2014


Analysts coverage

Company Analyst E-mail Adress City
BERENBERG CAPITAL MARKET Evgenia MOLOTOVA 60 Threadneedle Street London EC2R 8HP, United Kingdom
CM-CIC Securities Louise BOYER 6 avenue de Provence 75441 Paris Cedex 09
Davy Research Jack GORMAN Davy House, 49 Dawson St. Dublin 2, Ireland
EXANE BNP PARIBAS Jean-Christophe LIAUBET 16 Avenue Matignon 75008 Paris
ID Midcaps Denis SCHERRER 58 rue de Chateaudun 75009 Paris
Kepler Cheuvreux Baptiste de Leudeville 112 avenue Kleber 75016 Paris
NATIXIS SECURITIES Olivier LEBRUN 47 Quai d'Austerlitz 75648 Paris Cedex 13
PORTZAMPARC Arnaud GUERIN 13 rue de la Brasserie / BP98653 44186 Nantes Cedex 04
SOCIETE GENERALE Marie-Line FORT Tour Société Générale - 17 Cours Valmy 92987 Paris La Défense Cedex
Analyste Evgenia MOLOTOVA
Adresse 60 Threadneedle Street
Ville London EC2R 8HP,
United Kingdom
Société CM-CIC Securities
Analyste Louise BOYER
Adresse 6 avenue de Provence
Ville 75441 Paris Cedex 09
Société Davy Research
Analyste Jack GORMAN
Adresse Davy House,
49 Dawson St.
Ville Dublin 2, Ireland
Analyste Jean-Christophe LIAUBET
Adresse 16 Avenue Matignon
Ville 75008 Paris
Société ID Midcaps
Analyste Denis SCHERRER
Adresse 58 rue de Chateaudun
Ville 75009 Paris
Société Kepler Cheuvreux
Analyste Baptiste de Leudeville
Adresse 112 avenue Kleber
Ville 75016 Paris
Analyste Olivier LEBRUN
Adresse 47 Quai d'Austerlitz
Ville 75648 Paris Cedex 13
Analyste Arnaud GUERIN
Adresse 13 rue de la Brasserie / BP98653
Ville 44186 Nantes Cedex 04
Analyste Marie-Line FORT
Adresse Tour Société Générale - 17 Cours Valmy
Ville 92987 Paris La Défense Cedex

ADR program

NATUREX implemented a Level I American Depositary Receipt (ADR) program, sponsored by BNY Mellon, as the depositary bank. The ADRs issued are eligible to trade on over-the-counter market in the United States since 16 December 2011, under the symbol NTUXY. To facilitate trades, ADRs were issued using a ratio of 4 ADRs for one ordinary share of NATUREX.

ADRs are U.S dollar-denominated negotiable instruments issued by a depositary bank. They can represent a fraction of a share, a single or multiple shares of the foreign stock. ADRs facilitate the purchase, holding and sale of non-U.S companies. ADRs can be held in book-entry form or as a physical certificate. The price of and ADR often tracks the price of the foreign stock in its home market, adjusted for the ratio of ADRs to foreign company shares. Level I depositary receipts are the first level of sponsored ADRs that can be issued and may only be traded on the OTC market. In addition to the ADR price being quoted in US Dollars, investors of ADR’s receive dividend payments and any other cash entitlements in US Dollars.

Depositary Bank

BNY Mellon
Depositary Receipts Division
101 Barclay Street
22nd Floor
New York, New York 10286
Facsimile - 212 571 3050/1/2

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