5 reasons for becoming a shareholder of NATUREX

1. Being at the heart of the major global issues in food, health and wellness .
2. Supporting the ambitious and creative development strategy of an international Group, specialised in natural ingredients.
3. Sharing its core values of proximity, respect, quality and innovation.
4. Contributing the pave the path of a responsible player in favor of a shared value creation and a more sustainable economy.
5. Discovering endless opportunities of innovation and applications proven by plants with benefits for everyone.

How to become a NATUREX shareholder?

  • To become a bearer shareholder: you can make a direct request to your bank, Financial institution or an online broker in order to purchase on your behalf NATUREX shares and register them on a Securities account opened in your name.
  • To become a registered shareholder, directly listed on NATUREX books: you can contact us so we can send you the forms of our Securities bookrunner, SOCIETE GENERALE SECURITIES SERVICE.

For many years, Naturex has with its shareholders a trusting relationship based on dialogue and transparency. Feel free to contact me +33 (0)4 90 23 96 89 or by the finance contact form.     

Carole Alexandre Investors Relations


The different shareholding modes of NATUREX shares



NATUREX’s first major strategic plan “BRIGHT2020” is the fruit of a company-wide project involving many employees, in addition to the Executive Committee. The new strategy has the full backing of the Board of Directors and majority shareholders.

«BRIGHT2020 » reinforces NATUREX in its unique position as a pure natural player in a market facing many environmental, social, economic and regulatory challenges. The overall potential for this market is estimated at more than 8 billion dollars. “BRIGHT2020” puts the consumer at heart of NATUREX’S culture and business model, with the goal of disciplined development delivering sustained and profitable growth.

The success of the plan resides in NATUREX’s excellent strengths together with a clear mission: « We actively foster the global shift to natural. We sustainably reveal and magnify the treasures of the botanical world in order to serve our customers in the creation of natural, genuine products that care for, delight and improve the health of consumers.”



Discover our ambitions for 2020


We must all take ownership of this ambitious project. Success lies in our hands.

Paul LIPPENS, Chairman of the Board

NATUREX’s management team possesses all the know-how and ability for this project to succeed.


BRIGHT2020 webcast

BRIGHT2020 online presentation


6 February 2018

Annual revenue 2017

26 March 2018 (early vs. 28 March 2018 initially planned)

Annual results 2017

29 March 2018 : CANCELLED

Analyst meeting (SFAF) - Paris


21 June 2018

Annual General Meeting, Avignon

19 September 2018

2018 half-year revenue and results


27 March 2019

2018 Revenue and annual results


The Annual General Meeting


The Naturex Annual General Meeting is a privileged moment with the Board of Directors for listening and discussing ; it is also a strong and recurring event in the relationship between the Company and its shareholders. It is a great opportunity for the Management to comment the highlights and the strategy implemented during the year. It gives the opportunity to all the shareholders to participate in important decisions about NATUREX by expressing their votes through the resolutions.


How to participate in the Annual General Meeting


In accordance with Article R.225-85 of the Commercial Code, the right to participate in the General Assembly is determined by the registration of the shares under the shareholder's name or the name of the intermediary registered for the shareholder and only validated on the third business day before the Meeting at midnight, Paris time, either in the registered share accounts held for the Company by the Company's agent, Société Générale securities Services - Service nominatif Emetteurs, or in the accounts of bearer shares held by the empowered  financial intermediary bank.


The date, time and place of the General Meeting shall be communicated in advance through publications in the BALO (Bulletin des Annonces Légales et Officielles) available on the NATUREX website and any financial information prior to the meeting. All the preparatory documents for the General Meeting can be downloaded on the NATUREX website (meeting notices and summons, forms forabsentee voting, resolutions drafts, etc.) A notification guide is also available for download in the General Meeting section. Within the days following the General Meeting, a report detailing the resolutions vote is released.

If you hold Registered shares If you hold Bearer shares
Your shares must be recorded in account before the end of the third business day preceding the date set for the General Meeting at midnight (Paris time). Your financial intermediary (bank, stockbroker or other), which manages the securities account on which your Naturex registered shares are, is your sole interlocutor. It is the only one empowered to liaise with our services.
Your shares must be recorded in account before the end of the third business day preceding the date set for the General Meeting at midnight (Paris time). In order to be recorded, the participation attestation (or share holding attestation) must be sent by your financial intermediary to:

Contact of the registered accounts administrator:

SOCIETE GENERALE SECURITIES SERVICE Service Nominatif Clientèle Emetteurs

BP 81236 44 312 Nantes cedex 3


Communication Financière

ZAC du pôle Technologique AGROPARC – BP81218

84911 Avignon Cedex 9

Tel. : 04 90 23 96 89

E-Mail : c.alexandre@naturex.com


Letter to Shareholders


Published at least twice a year, it allows individual shareholders to be informed regularly on financial reporting, operations, product news, acquisitions, strategy Naturex ...


Letter to shareholders

Letter to shareholders November 2017

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Letter to shareholders

Letter to shareholders November 2013

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Letter to shareholders

Letter to shareholders November 2012

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Letter to shareholders

Letter to shareholders November 2011

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