Naturex, Winner of the Silver Innovation Prize at Cosmetagora!


Avignon, January 11, 2017 – More than 50 participants competed for this year’s Cosmetagora Formulation Prize. Naturex was awarded the 2nd place prize for innovation for its moisturizing In-Shower Body Honey. The theme of this year’s competition was “For a pure and protected world of beauty.” The in-shower honey boasts a completely original formula that’s 98% natural and contains 20% orange blossom honey for delicious and effective hydration without being sticky or oily. Quickly absorbed, this sensory formula reinforces the skin barrier function and leaves a protective film for long-lasting, sweet hydration. Its flagship ingredient, orange blossom honey, is known for its hydrating, regenerating and dermo-purifying benefits. From sun-drenched Spanish orchards, the honey is harvested using methods that respect both the bees and the environment.

This formula was created for the launch of Naturex’s Super Honeys collection, a range of cosmetic honeys that are ready to formulate. The collection consists of 6 honeys from around the world, carefully selected for their quality and formulability. A timeless cosmetic ingredient, honey continues to be met with success, but the market is facing growing adulteration concerns. With its Super Honeys collection, Naturex offers cosmetics companies the assurance of an environmentally-friendly range with complete traceability.

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