Innovation : a cornerstone of development

Innovation is one of the founding pillars of our company. The PhDs and engineers that form Naturex’s scientific teams come from diverse backgrounds in the food processing, chemistry, biochemistry and pharmacy sectors. In all, over 80 specialized employees drive research and development on our natural ingredients in our three strategic markets: food, health, and cosmetics.

As proactive seekers of new ideas, we are continually attuned to market developments in order to better answer the specific needs of our customers.

Innovation at Naturex occupies several dimensions and goes beyond expanding our product portfolio. Our innovation platform works in partnership with the academic community on fundamental research projects. The cluster also includes a research team that focuses on innovative extraction and purification processes and explores new production methods.

Innovation at Naturex is about uncovering and sharing the incredible potential of plants. The ambition of replacing synthetic molecules with pragmatic solutions designed from natural ingredients motivates and drives our teams on a daily basis.

Marc Roller, Chief Science Officer


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Innovation inspired by plants

Currently, only a tiny portion of the plant kingdom’s vast resources have been recorded.

In this boundless field of botanical exploration, our teams strive to reveal the hidden potential of these plants.

The research program covers various aspects of sourcing plant materials while integrating our sustainable development principles.

We analyze the results of sourcing campaigns created through the help of regional partners.

Using an ethnobotanical approach, these campaigns are designed to highlight new plants and identify new uses.

Once plants have been selected, we participate in the creation and development of integrated local supply chains.

Our expert agronomists also offer advice for improving cultivation and harvesting practices in partnership with farmers and growers.


Open innovation: fostering interdisciplinary collaboration


Given the diversity of themes and application areas covered by our innovation research, we operate in an "open innovation" mode. This includes numerous collaborations with external partners, particularly for studying the efficacy of our extracts.


Applying innovation to our processes

Naturex implements numerous processes and technologies to produce plant-based ingredients.

An important focus of R&D, process innovation allows methods and technologies to be optimized on a continuous basis.

Process innovation aims to increase yield, raise the level of purity, and strengthen productivity while lowering energy consumption.

Naturex also collaborates with advanced research programs in order to explore new technologies.

This work is illustrated through partnerships with equipment manufacturers and technical centers.

Through this access to innovative technologies still under development, we are able to anticipate the technical advancements that affect our markets. 

As part of this proactive technological approach, Naturex has partnered with GREEN, a university laboratory, to create ORTESA.

About Ortesa

Market-inspired innovation

Beyond the exploration of new sourcing areas and processes, our teams are constantly following consumer trends around the world and adapting our formulations in order to better anticipate the changing needs of our customers.

Food & Beverage

Natural ingredients to improve the organoleptic characteristics, nutritional properties, and freshness of food products.

Nutrition & Health

Scientifically proven plant extracts and ingredient concepts for dietary supplement and pharmaceutical applications.

Personal care

Natural ingredients to inspire marketing teams and satisfy the scientific rigor of cosmetic formulators.

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