Bringing science to nature

Through extensive and continuous R&D developments integrated with state of the art technology, experience and enhanced manufacturing capabilities, Naturex creates added value ingredients and shares the benefits with its customers. Naturex has been granted several patents and publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals for its innovations.


Scientific excellence

Naturex engages in scientific discovery to unlock the secrets of nature. Naturex is known as a science-based company with 15% of its employees working in R&D and quality control. Naturex's sophisticated laboratories enable to develop new products, solve scientific challenges, and ensure superior quality and potency for Naturex products.


Broad reach, broad vision

Mastering the art of extraction means mastering the science of natural chemistry with the ability to identify and extract the active compounds contained in plants.  Naturex establishes new methods of analysis, specific scientific standards, discovers unknown plant compounds, and develops novel methods of processing. Naturex is one of the few companies to own a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrometer (NMR) to investigate products on a molecular level. This equipment enables us to discover novel compounds and to provide Naturex clients with unique extracts.