Global presence

In order to optimize the production of its ingredients Naturex has fifteen manufacturing sites strategically located on different continents around the globe. The company's industrial equipment is constantly updated and developed in order to offer the best technical performance possible.

In manufacturing, size matters

Naturex's huge extraction and spray drying machinery can produce thousands of metric tons of botanical extracts per year. Naturex has one of the largest extraction and spray drying capabilities worldwide. In addition the purification equipment enables us to produce fractionated and purified plant-derived compounds.

Expertise and technologies maximize the benefits of botanicals

Backed by its flexible facilities and experienced staff, Naturex is able to provide custom formulations and ensures the incorporation of its ingredients into final applications. Naturex is able to adapt their physical and chemical properties (dispersibility and solubility) to adjust them to the specific needs of industrial users. The high capacity, automated roller compactors can annually produce thousands of metric tons of dry granulated extracts with enhanced physical properties, such as density and particle size.