Purchasing power means premium botanicals

Naturex is a world leader in natural ingredients, with an extensive worldwide sourcing program. We are continually investing in the research and development of new and exciting products. Naturex has available a broad and diverse range of innovative ingredients.


When it comes to purchasing raw materials, Naturex does not compromise

In today’s marketplace controlling the growing and processing of raw materials is crucial in meeting quality requirements. Naturex investigates botanicals in the field and works directly with premier local growers. Working directly with harvesters is an important parameter to select the correct botanicals. In addition, Naturex key suppliers are audited on a regular basis.


The best ingredients can only be manufactured from the finest raw materials

Each delivery of raw materials is sampled and fully analyzed in order to achieve a complete control before going into production. Naturex carefully examines every batch of botanicals, and conducts a series of quality control tests for identity, purity and potency. Naturex’s systematic analysis of crops and batches provides useful guidelines regarding specific cultivation methods.