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Press Releases Related to Permanent Regulated Information
09/06/2014 18:00 NATUREX expands its range of Quillaja and Yucca-based ingredients
20/05/2014 08:00 Naturex doubles the size of its Food and Beverage operations in the United States with the acquisition of Vegetable Juices Inc., specializing in vegetable-based natural ingredients
07/01/2014 18:35 Naturex reinforces operations in Latin America: Majority stake in Chile Botanics, a Chilean company specialised in Quillaja extracts
Periodic information
29/08/2014 18:00 Good medium-term growth prospects, an adverse environment in 2014
25/07/2014 18:00 First half driven by strong contributions from Food and Beverage
26/05/2014 18:00 First positive effects of restructuring on operating indicators
28/04/2014 18:00 Year's encouraging start driven by fundamentals and a structure scaled for growth
31/03/2014 18:00 Excellent sales growth and good operating performances against the backdrop of unfavourable currency trends
04/02/2014 18:00 Strong annual sales growth: +9.7% at constant exchange rates
Other regulated information
21/07/2014 18:00 Naturex announces Olivier Rigaud's appointment as Chief Executive Officer
10/07/2014 19:20 Minutes of the AGM/EGM of 26 June 2014
25/06/2014 20:10 Naturex announces the success of the share capital increase of EUR 67.2 million with shareholders' preferential subscription rights
28/03/2014 18:05 Naturex announces its eligibility for PEA-PME and inclusion in the new Euronext index, CAC® PME
10/03/2014 19:10 Naturex denies any participation in the process to acquire the Diana Group
24/01/2014 18:00 Update on the Naturex - Aker BioMarine Antarctic joint venture: AKBM Manufacturing obtains US USD 11 million in NMTC financing for its Houston-based production site
Availability of documents relating to the financial annual report or its updates
05/05/2014 11:30 Filing of the 2013 Registration document
Shares buy-back program / Liquidity contract
10/07/2014 18:00 Half-year summaryof NATUREX's liquidity contract, June 2014
31/01/2014 18:00 Half-year summary of NATUREX's liquidity contract December 2013
Number of shares and voting rights
14/05/2014 18:00 Number of shares and voting rights as at 30 April 2014
31/01/2014 18:00 Number of shares and voting rights as at 31 december 2013