The best from fruits and vegetables


Technical know how

Over the last 50 years, the two Naturex facilities based in Switzerland have built a strong expertise in drying fruits and vegetables. Thanks to our four gentle drying technologies Naturex is able to produce a wide variety of products that retain all of the flavor, color and nutritional qualities of the original raw material. Each form has its own physical properties adapted to specific food applications.


Upgrade your applications

Naturex manufactures ingredients that can be applied to a variety of food applications including baby food, beverages, chocolate and bakery products. By adding a NAT F&V™ product to your application, you do not only add a dried fruit or vegetable, but you dramatically upgrade the appearance, texture and taste of your application while significantly enriching its nutrient content.


Quality focus

The monitoring of quality starts with the choice of raw material, that’s why we are so strict when selecting our providers. Naturex sources worldwide to secure its supply chain and our quality laboratories take care to ensure the consistency of our production all year round. Perfectly controlling the risk, Naturex complies with the strictest standards, and our facilities are BRC and ISO 9001:2008 certified.



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