Natural flavoring ingredients

Nature Experts

Naturex's expertise in extraction technologies ensures the specific aromatic profile of each botanical ingredient. The comprehensive knowledge of natural ingredients allows Naturex to offer through its NAT arom® line a rich palette of plant extracts, oleoresins and essential oils for the flavor, food and beverage manufacturers.

Experience natural performance

Flavoring extracts offer many technical advantages compared to whole plants, herbs and spices. Natural aromatic profile is standardized to maintain constant strength over time. Extracts can be stored for a longer period without the alteration of flavor profile. The risk of microbial contamination is also dramatically reduced.

Infinity of natural choice

Naturex's expertise in botanicals from the sourcing of plants to the extraction enables you to create exciting tastes in a wide range of products. Naturex has organized its NAT arom® line in the following ranges:

  • Hinotes®: an innovative palette of essences to renew the original taste of fresh fruits.
  • Plant extracts: a full aromatic toolbox to create natural aromas.
  • Essential oils & oleoresins: the discovery of uncompromised taste of spices or the timeless scent of Mediterranean spirit.

Tailor-made approach

Naturex develops flavoring extracts that are tailored to meet individual formulation requirements. From either liquid or powders extracts to microencapsulation and spray-drying of essential oils or oleoresins, Naturex offers a wide range of solutions to enhance flavoring opportunities.

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