Natural ingredients for food preservation

Today consumers express their desire for better management of their health and lifestyle. They want innovative products without having to compromise on taste, convenience and safety. Over the last few years consumer health education has increased as has the awareness of the environmental implications of food production and consumption. Even though chemical additives are generally considered as cost-effective and convenient solutions for food processing, consumers unquestionably associate "synthetic" and "chemical" terms with potential hazards, especially when used to qualify food constituents.


Rising consumer interest for all natural food products has quickly become a growing trend driving innovation within the food industry. Naturex has developed an approach to meet both food industry expectations for highly effective protective solutions and consumer demand for all natural food products. Naturex develops and markets a range of innovative plant extracts able to substitute chemical antioxidants. These natural ingredients extend the shelf life of food and beverage products without adverse effects on taste and visuals, while at the same time allowing for clean labeling.


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