Improving taste, naturally


Consumers are particularly demanding with regard to the taste of the products they buy. They are looking for healthy and natural products without compromising on taste. NAT taste™ includes ingredients to improve the taste of food & beverage products, naturally.

Talin® is a natural multifunctional ingredient that simply improves the taste profile of foods and beverages, masking off tastes, enhancing flavors and improving the taste of sugar and salt replacers. It can be used in a multitude of applications and really is that miracle ingredient that changes an ordinary product into a great tasting one.

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Kemfe™ is a very special flavor providing manufacturers with many benefits. Kemfe™ is used for flavoring purposes and is capable of improving and balancing the total taste profile. Kemfe™ complies with the definition of a flavoring preparation under the EU flavor regulations.


Due to complex and changing ingredient and labelling regulations customers should satisfy themselves that any ingredient to be incorporated is permitted both within the end product and also in all intended supply markets.