Creating texture, naturally


Texturizing solutions

In today’s health conscious society, consumers want to get back to nature when choosing which food and drink products to buy. Texture is one of the most important attributes used by consumers to assess food quality.  Most of the time, consumers already have a perception of what certain foods should taste and feel like.  If a food does not satisfy their expectations, they are unlikely to purchase the product again.  In addition, they are always looking for new and exciting products. Naturex is continually innovating to provide the most desirable texturizing solutions possible.


Naturex capabilities 

As a leader in natural specialty ingredients, Naturex provides a broad and diverse range of ingredients derived from herbs, fruits and vegetables. Naturex manufactures a range of pectins that offers a wide palette of texturizing sensations, covering a variety of applications, such as jams, fruit spreads, fruit preparations for baked or dairy products, confectionery, beverages, glazings and desserts.


A versatile ingredient

Pectin is a natural substance, which can be found in many vegetable foodstuffs in significant amounts. Thanks to this origin, pectin profits from a high acceptance among consumers. Naturex extracts pectin from apples and citrus raw materials that have been stringently selected. Pectin is well known for its gelling and thickening properties. Pectin is also a good source of soluble dietary fiber, and therefore has additional health benefits.


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