Choose the best for your life

NAT life™ is a line of branded ingredient concepts backed by scientific studies for dietary supplements, functional food and nutraceutical product manufacturers. Through its NAT life™ range, Naturex offers a line of innovative trademarked plant extracts with the commitment to bring solutions to improve the quality of life.

The scientific approach is one of the major factors in the success of NAT life™'s ingredients:

  • in depth bibliographic researches ;
  • development and precise technical characterization of the extracts;
  • one or several clinical studies to prove their activity;
  • complementary in vitro, in vivo or clinical studies to explain the ingredients' bioavailability, mechanism of action, and/or safety.

Besides this important scientific support, NAT life™ products are full concepts with:

  • projects development assistance;
  • regulation support by constituting European regulatory files;
  • patented process and applications;
  • marketing, valuable clear and simple sources of information.


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