Active ingredients backed by science





Some of the most active molecules are derived from natural sources, with the plant kingdom probably holding some of the most surprising secrets. Naturex has been able to unlock some of these secrets using its advanced screening campaign and by observing ancient and traditional practices. This has allowed Naturex to identify and develop innovative and promising ingredient concepts for Personal Care applications.


The Naturex NAT beauty™ range guarantees that the effectiveness of each active:

• has been backed up with biological studies

• has gone through a systematic method, analyzing the active against a specific marker.


Naturex has built relationships with competent, independent and impartial experts, which are specialized in various fields like cellular biology, skin biology and also formulation. The demonstration of the activity of our products is ensured by these partners through reliable and validated methods. These parameters allow us to analyze the biological mechanisms responsible for the effectiveness of our products helping us to develop the most successful compositions of our ingredients. Naturex is continually striving to unlock the abundance of exciting new secrets that nature holds all over the world, to provide innovative and effective active solutions for Personal Care applications.