Dragon’s blood is an innovative revitalizing active. It promotes and protects the skin thanks to its antioxidant activity and by improving each skin layer.


Complete name: Dragon’s Blood extract - Croton lechleri

Active markers: Taspine, Proanthocyanidins


Scientific Results:

In vitro study

Dragon’s blood extract:

- Protects the cells against oxidation

- Increases fibroblasts metabolism


Ex-vivo studies:

Dragon’s blood extract:

- Improves the stratification and quality of the new epidermis

- Increases the collagen IV expression

- Increases the β4 integrins expression

- Increases the fibronectine

- Increases collagen I & III expression underneath the new epidermis


These results contribute to:

- A complete reparation and regeneration of the tissues, for a skin rejuvenation

Applications: In skin care preparations

Versions: In powder form (ECOCERT validated), In glycerol form (ECOCERT validated) and propylene glycol form.

Safety: This product has been evaluated by Eurotox toxicologist.


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