Macaderm™ is an innovative anti-aging active from Peruvian maca. It makes skin firmer by improving epidermis cohesion and structure.

Complete name:
Maca root extract - Lepidium meyenii

Active markers: Macamides and macaenes

Scientific results:


In vitro study

Macaderm™ :

- Increases collagen IV synthesis by 46 %.
- Enhances integrins synthesis by 54%


Ex-vivo study

Macaderm™ increases in the stratum corneum the expression of genes encoding for:

- Proteins involved in cell-cell junctions
- Proteins engaged in the corneocyte maturation
- Enzymes synthesizing the extra cellular matrix molecules
- Cross-linking enzymes in charge of the cohesion between the cell and the extracellular matrix


These results contribute to :

- Improving the density of the basement membrane lattice
- Boosting the cellular adhesion mechanism
- Fortifying the stratum corneum cohesion and structuration

Applications: In skin care application to prevent or treat aging signs

Versions: In powder (ECOCERT validated), glycerol (ECOCERT validated) and propylene glycol forms.

Safety: This product has been evaluated by Eurotox toxicologist.


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