Seveov™ is a hair growth agent made from maca. It stimulates hair-growth whilst protecting the inside of the hair, making it healthy and full of life.


Complete name : Maca root extract - Lepidium meyenii




Active markers: Macamides and macaenes


Scientific results: In vitro study



- Stimulates hair-growth by 93%


This results from 4 simultaneous actions:

- Hair protection from endogenous and exogenous stress

- Development of a protective sleeve around the new hair

- Increase of cell proliferation in the hair bulb

- Strenghtening of hair's adhesion to scalp


 Applications: In hair care applications


Versions: In powder (ECOCERT validated), glycerol (ECOCERT validated) and propylene glycol forms.


Safety: This product has been evaluated by Eurotox toxicologist.


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