NAT select™ is a collection of botanical extracts specifically formulated for the cosmetic applications. As a leader in botanical extraction and formulation, Naturex manufactures a comprehensive range of otanical extracts tailored for cosmetic applications.

With an extensive worldwide sourcing program, Naturex has access to a broad, diverse, remarkable array of botanicals. As a global company, Naturex has the ability to understand and listen to the pulse of the markets all over the world and to drive innovation from there. Naturex guarantees that its botanicals are properly identified, and assesses each herb for levels of specific marker compounds.

Naturex has an entirely dedicated team of scientists who have deep expertise in raw materials identification. In addition, the Personal Care Department has developed an extensive range of ingredients in different forms.


Naturex offers botanical extracts that can be used in a wide variety of cosmetic applications. Botanical extracts must be standardized with strict quality controls to ensure consistent composition, safety, and potency.


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