Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Naturex’s food and beverage solutions offer the best of nature to consumers everywhere, every day. With a complete portfolio of vibrant colors, delicious fruits and vegetables, and botanical extracts with unique health, sensory and preservation properties, we turn your challenges into healthy, authentic and smart solutions.



Nature offers a great palette of bright and vibrant colors. Combined with a pinch of imagination, natural colors can be transformed into a multitude of creative and effective solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the plant world, Naturex extends the realm of possibilities by leveraging our sourcing network for privileged access to a wide variety of raw materials. Our botanical expertise across several markets and our global processing capabilities allow us to create unique, high-performance natural colors that benefit from a full array of plant properties. Discover our NAT color™ product line. 



Fruits & Vegetables


Unleash your creativity with NAT taste™, a wide palette of label-friendly, great tasting dry ingredients made from fruits, vegetables and culinary staples that consumers love and trust. Available in a wide variety of forms, NAT taste™ ingredients offer a multitude of taste, texture and visual possibilities. Balance the sensory profile of your food & beverage products and create unique twists for an unparalleled natural taste experience.


Functional Botanicals


Naturex’s scientific expertise in botanicals and understanding of their health benefits has been the fertile basis for many discoveries and has enabled us to build NAT healthy™, a unique range of botanical extracts, standardized to high levels of actives. Formulated for all types for applications, their organoleptic impact is strictly controlled. We are able to provide detailed scientifically-backed recommendations based on the functional claim you’re targeting : relevant botanical extract, formulation, and optimal daily dosage to justify the health benefit.


Food Preservation


Fueled by constant research efforts in our laboratories, the NAT stabil™ line provides natural preservation solutions developed to extend your product shelf life while ensuring their quality and safety. These plant-based ingredients allow manufacturers to achieve consumer-friendly labels without compromising  performance. Standardized to key active compounds, our natural food preservation solutions are backed by solid expertise in sourcing, processing, analytics and technical support, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results.



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Natural flavoring ingredients


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UPTAIA™ –A quillaia extract that enhances the foam structure and stability of beverages 

SAPNOV™ – A purified extract of quillaia, which acts as emulsifiers in beverages as well as in flavour and colour emulsions


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Improving taste, naturally


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