Natural preservation: The rise of rosemary



Naturex, part of Givaudan, has been unlocking the power of rosemary for more than a quarter of a century, utilizing deep scientific expertise to support our customers’ quest for natural preservation solutions. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise in oxidation mechanisms and ability to transpose from plant to food matrix, Naturex continues to find innovative ways to make the most of the plant’s natural strengths.


With consumer demand for clean labels at an all-time high, there is an increasing need to shift from artificial ingredients to natural solutions for food preservation. Botanical expertise and scientific understanding of food degradation mechanisms are the key to delivering the most effective rosemary extracts – enabling manufacturers to utilize a natural, sustainable preservation solution that perfectly meets consumer demands.

Capitalizing on Naturex’s experience and expertise, this white paper opens up the scope of possibilities for rosemary in the exciting natural preservation space.


Rise of Rosemary

All our knowledge is just a click away! Read our white paper to discover the remarkable natural powers of rosemary.





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To ensure compliance, it is recommended that manufacturers contact Naturex to check local regulatory requirements for each application, including labeling and conditions of use. For optimal performance in your application, we recommend testing the product in industrial conditions.