NATUREX AT Supply Side West 2019

Come and visit us at Supply Side West 2019 from October 17-18 in Las Vegas, Booth #4459 where we’ll be showcasing powerful, clean, natural ingredients that support consumers' health & wellness in all walks of life.

Naturex will be highlighting several flagship ingredients, each backed by numerous clinical trials.



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For the dietary supplement market, we have created a range of unique high-quality natural ingredients whose innovative nature has been scientifically substantiated. These ingredients meet the following criteria:

  • Secured sourcing
  • Stringent quality and safety standards
  • High potency: most of our NAT life® ingredients are highly concentrated in active compounds

Each NAT life® ingredient is subjected to pre-clinical studies with the goal of furthering our understanding of the ingredient’s properties:

  • Mechanism of action
  • Dose-response relationship
  • Bioavailability
  • Safety

Each ingredient offers clinically substantiated evidence of its benefits to consumer health:

  • Gold standard clinical study design: randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled
  • Toxicity studies to evaluate ingredient safety

All NAT life® brands are patent-protected in order to ensure that your product benefits from optimal positioning, keeping it ahead of the competition in the dietary supplement market.

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Botanical ID authentication


Botanical identification is a highly complex process due to the biodiversity and various origins of the plants we source. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that a minimum of 20,000 plant taxa have recorded medicinal uses.

We have developed a 4-step identity authentication program to ensure consumers get what they pay for.


1/ FIELD: Sourcing high-quality feedstock

A reliable authentification strategy starts in the field

Discover our rosemary sourcing in this video

2/ LAB: Specific testing method

Set testing procedures at each step of production 

Discover our quality control in this video

3/ PRODUCTION: Industrial expertise

Mastering the impact of the extraction process to ensure product quality

Discover how we make grape seed extract at Naturex in Valencia, Spain

4/ QA: Comprehensive program of certifications

Procedures and systems are verified to ensure robust control management

More on our certifications

Our expertise


Creating your difference

Because differentiation is key in a competitive market, you can tap into Naturex’s botanical expertise, market knowledge, technical support, and application laboratories to develop your next successful product.

Tailor-made botanical ingredients for dietary supplements

Tailor-made Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

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