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For over 2000 years, Koji has been used to make popular Asian fermented foods like soy sauce, miso, amazake and sake. Koji fermentation relies on a microorganism, Aspergillus oryzae (1). Also known as “miracle mold”, Koji is becoming popular in western countries to change taste and texture of foods.


Ultimine™ is a natural, clinically proven bioavailable source of minerals that delivers significant improvements to iron/mineral status and can help prevent iron/mineral deficiency. It is a whole-food, fermented mineral obtained from koji and a key part of Naturex’s comprehensive range of high-quality natural ingredients. In dietary supplements and functional foods, Ultimine™ offers benefits that resonate with target consumers: it is naturally processed, whole-food, clinically proven and generally recognized as safe. Thanks to its palatability, Ultimine™ can be used in a wide variety of nutritional applications.


Learn how we harness its benefits to deliver whole foods fermented minerals.






(1) Ultimine™ Trademark of Cura Global Health, Inc. U.S.A · Pat www.curaglobalhealth.com/patents.