A day for sharing ideas


IDAY took place in October 2016. Over the course of this extraordinary day, Naturex employees were asked to submit ideas on key themes: innovation, company life, growth strategy, process optimization, sustainability, and communications. The aim was to allow new ideas to emerge, engage employees, boost innovation, and overcome language and geographical barriers.  In short, the initiative was a way of giving employees a voice, allowing them to express their ideas and suggestions on fundamental topics. The project was set up with an external organization that developed an online portal specifically for the event. The day proved to be a great success with 904 employees (almost 54% of staff) taking part in sharing 1,733 ideas!

The ideas, which were communicated in eight different languages, received nearly 10,600 votes from around the world. While some of the ideas didn't come as a surprise, many were highly innovative and thoughtful. 1,700 ideas were analyzed and categorized through a reporting platform. The most relevant ideas were declared winners and are in the process of being applied. To do so, a follow-up committee has been created to monitor implementation within the group.

At Naturex, everyone’s point of view matters, regardless of the position they hold in the organization.

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