A look back on Naturex's Safety Days


For the second year running, the Group has held Safety Days at each of our sites around the world. The event once again proved to be a great success with a high level of participation in the workshops held throughout the day.

The 20- to 45-minute themed workshops were open to all of the group’s employees and focused on a variety of different topics, including road safety, nutrition and occupational health.

The main topics for 2016 were:

Over the course of the day, production workers’ schedules were adjusted so they could participate in a variety of workshops and learn about safety issues while having fun. It is important for Naturex that teams are proactively involved in safety processes. In this way, employees learn to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their coworkers, friends, and family with the goal of establishing a link between work and private life. At the end of the Safety Day, each employee received a headlamp.

Safety Days are a key moment in our commitment to safety, and are organized every year.

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