An environmentally-friendly water treatment plant in Chile


A dedicated onsite facility

Without a connection to the classic sewage network, the Chilean site needed to find a solution for treating the water used in its quillaia extraction process (a solvent-free method using only water). The situation meant that the wastewater needed to be safely released into the natural environment. The answer? An onsite facility that uses a natural activated sludge system for water treatment.

How does it work?

Waters from different onsite processes are collected in an activated sludge basin. An aeration system provides oxygen to bacteria allowing them to grow and decompose the polluting organic matter.

The water is then transferred to a second basin, known as a settling tank. The sludge settles to the bottom of this tank, separating it from the clean water. The sludge is then recirculated to the 1st tank and the clean water is released into the environment.

The treatment facility they created can now clean nearly 500 m3 of water on a daily basis while scrupulously adhering to water quality requirements. This robust technology reduces the organic load by 90%, and the plant's capacity is designed to grow with the site.

Another great illustration of our belief in nature, and our dedication to the principles of the Pathfinder program.

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