Naturex Pathfinders: Naturex launches a web-based running challenge for employees


Increasing well-being at work means finding activities that benefit employee health, including regular physical activity. To address these needs, Naturex launched a web-based running challenge for employees. Naturex Pathfinders is a walking/running program in which members of staff can contribute to charitable causes through physical activity. Participants have access to an app which allows them to keep a record of every kilometer they jog or walk during their fitness activities or weekend strolls.  For every two kilometers an employee walks or runs, one euro is donated to the Naturex foundation, which supports humanitarian activities all over the world. Since the creation of Naturex Pathfinders, employees have traveled over 18,000 kilometers and raised €9000 for the Foundation. Funds are used to support new charitable projects in France, India, Morocco, and the US.

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