Solar farm in the UK


Solar farms harness energy from the sun to create clean, renewable electrical energy. Unlike fossil fuels such as coal, generating electricity from renewable sources like solar power creates no emissions that can harm human health and the environment. Naturex's UK plant recently took the opportunity to reduce both utility costs and improve its carbon footprint. In cooperation with a local business developer, a new solar farm has been set up in a field close to the factory.

Advances in photovoltaic technology mean that solar cells now provide useful energy even on cloudy or rainy days as they require daylight, but not necessarily sunlight to function. Naturex‚Äôs UK plant uses approximately 1.8 million Kwh annually. The new solar farm occupies about 2 square acres, and can generate up to 25% of the plant's annual consumption or 493,000 Kwh, which means a CO2 saving of just over 260,000 kg. The project offers a means for raising awareness about the benefits of solar technology and promoting sustainable values throughout our actions in the UK.

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