A generous and cheerful opening ceremony


Avignon, 14th September 2011 – On the 29th June the primary school Mata Nouaceur in Casablanca opened its doors to the sponsors of the association EMA (Enfance Maghreb Avenir).


The delegation was welcomed by 50 excited and lively children. The Governor of the Nouaceur Prefecture, the Director of the Casablanca Academy and Mr Dikansky, President of the Naturex Foundation took part in the celebration. The guests were taken on a guided tour of the school by Mrs Limet, President and Founder of the association EMA. A lot of hard work had to be undertaken to improve the living and working conditions of young pupils.

The financial support of the Naturex Foundation helped to make the surrounding wall higher, to repave the playground and to build sanitary blocks for the girls. The entire teaching team, plus the parents and the children themselves came together to work on this project. Mr Dikansky congratulated everyone involved and stated that “This project goes beyond a simple school refurbishment. The EMA association has done a wonderful job by involving all stakeholders in line with youth education”.

The ceremony finished with a show, in which all the children participated. The happy pupils were delighted to sing and perform, in front of a captivated crowd.


A long-term project

The EMA association has an ambitious program for the children of Nouaceur. The renovation of the school premises is only the beginning. In 2011, a number of other projects will be completed, these include the restoration of classrooms and the improvement of green spaces. Finally some of the classrooms will be equipped with computers, allowing the older children to attend informatics workshops.

Naturex has an extraction site nearby in Casablanca, in the richest plain of Morocco. Due to the location Naturex has access to abundant raw materials: rosemary, thyme, artichoke, hawthorn, chaste tree, pomegranate… Strong relationships have been built, over many years, with the local people who produce and harvest these plants. From its beginning, it was natural for the Foundation to support projects lead by NGO in this country.


About the Naturex Foundation: 

The Naturex Foundation is an independent entity with its own resources, which supports in particular education, medicine, and basic necessities in communities from which Naturex derives plant materials, outside of any economic interest.  


Your contacts at Naturex:       

Jacques Dikansky
President of the Foundation
Tel: +334 90 23 96 89

Antoine Dauby
Secretary of the Foundation
Tel: +334 90 23 96 89

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