An overview of the Naturex Foundation’s Activities


Avignon – 15th June 2012 – the Naturex Foundation aims to improve the living conditions of communities where Naturex sources its raw materials. The projects currently being undertaken are generating good results.


In Morocco, our Foundation supports the E.M.A. (Enfance Magreb Avenir*) association that works to provide educational support for young disadvantaged people. The school located close to our factory in Casablanca is now refurbished. The next stage of our partnership is to renovate the sport facilities of the high school. This educational institution educates 1500 junior students. These renovations sustainably improve the school environment and thus maintain the involvement of the teaching staff. This type of action reduces absenteeism and promotes access to education.


In India, the inhabitants of Dehra Dun, the area targeted by our project, live below the poverty threshold. Conducted with Agrisud, the project allowed the installation of new farms and strengthened the local resources for people. More than a hundred growers benefit from the strengthening of their farmers' co-op (material dotation and training courses). Twenty-five lemon grass growers are supported by advisers and benefit from demonstrations, helping to promote good farming practices. The success of this operation has led to a similar project in the neighbouring area of Panchayat de Masraspatti. This operation targets 4 villages and the aim is to establish new farms by the end of the year.        

Long term commitments

The other projects in Morocco and Peru started in 2008 and are still on-going. In Morocco, the ten young farmers are continually supported by Agrisud in the running of their businesses. In the Peruvian mountains, our partnership with “Kalysayas Out Reach” in Ninacaca contributes to maintaining the dispensary and the dental office. In parallel, the IT courses are still given to the children in the internet center.


About the Naturex Foundation

The Naturex Foundation is an independent entity with its own resources, which supports in particular education, medicine, and basic necessities in communities from which Naturex derives plant materials, outside of any economic interest.




Antoine Dauby – Secretary of the Naturex Foundation
 Phone: 04 90 23 96 89 -


* “Enfance Magreb Avenir” means “Future for Childhood in Maghreb”

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