Conference by Naturex at SCS Fomulate, Coventry, UK, November 18th at 2:45 pm: « Quillaia : natural surfactant from the Andes ».


SCS Formulate, Coventry, UK, November 17-18, stand #515: Nourishing beauty traditions from Asia and Africa.

Come visit us at this year's SCS Formulate and discover our Tsubaki and Baobab oils. An integral part of many Japanese beauty rituals, Tsubaki is a terrific oil for skin and scalp products. Travel on to Africa with oil from the majestic baobab, well-known for its therapeutic moisturizing properties. Stop by our stand to see how these two natural oils can be used in the creation of natural, effective and sustainable beauty products.

In addition to the many applications and products at our stand, be sure to check out our conference on quillaia, a natural surfactant!

Quillaia: natural surfactant from the Andes
Conference by Yohan Rolland, Business Manager
November 18th at 2:45 pm in Room B

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