FI EUROPE 2015: Going Clear, Natural and Responsible with Naturex


Avignon, 9 November 2015

To earn trust with the increasingly health-aware consumer, brands constantly strive to make the right ingredient choices. Research* shows that 68% of European consumers (73% in the US) will look for recognizable ingredients on product labelling before buying. While demand for natural drives market growth, consumers are still eager to try new food and beverage experiences. At FI Europe 2015, Naturex will unveil two inspiring application concepts, in line with these new consumer trends.

*Innova, 2014

PAIISE. A plant-based craft soda to help relax body and mind


Feeling stressed out ? Instead of a classic herbal tea, how about enjoying a relaxing craft soda? Naturex has developed PAIISE, a carbonated craft soda that contains botanical ingredients known for their soothing properties (chamomile, lemon balm, passionflower, etc.). The other ingredients, with coloring, taste-enhancing and foaming properties are all obtained from plant material, making this innovative drink 100% consumer friendly.

Relaxation drinks, that combine naturally calming ingredients with modern craft soda formats, bring a refreshing edge to this beverage category. Designed for overworked, stressed out millennials that are attentive to their overall well-being, PAIISE is an inspiring way to renew the beverage market offer.

VEGO. Eating on the go can be healthy AND delicious

As consumers look for new food experiences that will help them increase their fruit and vegetable intake, they are increasingly seeking treats that are both tasty and healthy.
Naturex presents VEGO (Vegetables on the Go) Red and VEGO Green. VEGO Red is a stunning combination of tomato, red bell pepper and raspberry. VEGO Green offers a harmonious spinach, kale, passion fruit and celery. These fruits and vegetable blends meet the market demand for trendy flavors and healthier content, as no sugar has been added. Positioned as an alternative to traditional snacking, these pouches are a perfect fit for busy adults looking to improve their eating habits.

In line with the latest consumer trends, Naturex showcases its approach to clear label

At this year’s FIE, Naturex showcases its straight-to-the-point approach to helping manufacturers shift from synthetic to natural and upgrade their products’ nutritional content. This strategy is based on three key pillars: Sourcing, Converting and Delivering. Visitors will be taken through a tour of the company’s customized solutions to improve customer time-to-market and success rate. Visitors will also be able to gain insight into the latest consumer behavior trends.

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About Naturex:
Naturex is the global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients. Through its dedicated business units, the Group addresses the specific needs of three strategic markets: Food & Beverages, Nutrition & Health, and Personal Care. The company offers its customers a full array of high-quality ingredients, responsibly sourced from nature for food, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.  Naturex’s head office is in Avignon, France. The company employs more than 1,700 people and benefits from eight sourcing offices around the world and high-performance manufacturing operations across 15 sites in Europe, Morocco, the United States, Brazil, Australia, India, and Chile. It also has a global commercial presence through a dedicated network of 25 sales offices.

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