Naturex Plan Will Promote Peruvian Maca Growers and Communities


AVIGNON, FRANCE – Naturex, one of the world’s largest natural ingredient manufacturers, has developed a plan to enhance economic and social conditions for Peruvian maca growers and their communities. Maca, a traditional Andean crop grown at high altitude, is extracted by Naturex, and made into extracts called Maca Pure® and Maca Tonic™. Work conducted by Naturex over the past ten years has helped to transform maca from an unknown herbal product to a well established herbal product in the US and other countries. This has resulted in economic benefits to the people of the Peruvian highlands.

"At Naturex, we still believe it is possible to do well by doing good. That is why we always make sure to give back to the communities where we do business, and we look forward to doing that in Peru," Naturex President Jacques Dikansky said. 

In accordance with its plan, Naturex will take the following steps:

To honor Peruvians for their discovery of maca centuries ago and to support innovation and advancement in  the Peruvian maca trade,  Naturex will grant free patent licenses to 100% Peruvian-owned companies in Peru to manufacture maca extract for sale to end users. Currently Naturex holds patents on the processing of maca, which arise from years of scientific investigation. In its new plan, Peruvian companies marketing of maca will benefit from these patents without any financial investment.

Naturex has voluntarily increased its purchasing price paid to maca growers in the highlands.  Pricing pressures from foreign buyers have put burdensome limits on the earning potential of maca growers. Participation in the Peruvian maca trade in this way will enable Naturex to produce superior quality maca products, protect the natural Andean environment, and put greater profits into the pockets of some of the Andean people. This approach to ethical trade makes the maca business more sustainable.

The Naturex Foundation, which opens this summer, will make social development grants to communities in which the company conducts business, including in Peru. The foundation will support education, medicine, and basic necessities in communities from which Naturex derives plant materials.  This type of benefit sharing is consistent with the principles of the international Convention On Biological Diversity.

A member of the United Nations Global Compact, Naturex is a leader in socially and environmentally responsible corporate citizenship.

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