Naturex enriches its offering for the Personal Care industry


Naturex enriches its offering for the Personal Care industry

Paris, 14th April: Naturex launches its new ingredients for the Personal Care industries during In-Cosmetics trade show currently held in Paris, France.

Naturex launches SeveovTM, a new hair care active, from its NAT beautyTM line. Naturex Research & Development has demonstrated a stimulation of hair growth of  93 % combined with deep protection of the hair bulb, where growth begins. This exclusive double activity perfectly fits anti-hair loss formulations.  

Furthermore, Naturex is proud to unveil the following new natural ingredients:

-           Fruit and Vegetable Powders: Thanks to innovative technologies, Naturex is able to offer a variety of grain sizes according to final applications. With this new line, "5 A DAY" suddenly becomes a beauty tip.

-           An alternative to synthetic colors: a colorful palette that is 100% natural.

Finally the NAT selectTM range is extended to more than 150 extracts, specifically formulated to meet the requirements of the cosmetic industry. Among them, Naturex will introduce Cat's Claw, Dragon's Blood and American ginseng, which all demonstrate traditional use in cosmetic applications. Fruit extracts also complete the traditional plant extracts collection. These ingredients are available in powder and liquid forms to ensure their incorporation in a large variety of applications.


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