Naturex harnesses exotic cherry power for new Beauty Food skin care concepts


Avignon, France 27/09/2017. Naturex has extended its ‘Beauty Food’ range of natural skin care solutions made with ingredients derived from plants found in the food chain. The new ‘Energy Boost’ collection comprises two concepts formulated with cornelian and acerola cherry extracts.

Cornelian cherry – tomorrow’s superfruit

Cornelian cherry (Cornus officinalis Sieb. et Zucc) is an antioxidant-rich fruit used in traditional Chinese medicine that is in tune with two of the major current trends in cosmetics – superfruits and Asianification. It is not as widely known as some other ingredients in Asian medicine, which means it presents an opportunity for innovation and differentiation. With its deep knowledge and long experience of working with plants, Naturex believes cornelian cherry is certain to become a highly successful beauty ingredient in the near future – just like cranberry a few years ago.

The antioxidant power and skin care benefits of cornelian cherry are well established. In vitro studies have shown that it stimulates by +710% the production of catalase, an enzyme that protects the skin from oxidative damage. It also stimulates by +120% the production of glutathione reductase, an enzyme that is key to maintaining the oxidative balance of the cells. Cornelian cherry has also been shown inhibit lipid peroxidation by -40%. It is a genuinely ‘super’ superfruit that is also known to deliver soothing properties and enhance skin radiance.

Acerola cherry – the vitamin C superstar

The acerola cherry (Malpighia glabra L.) is well known for its very high vitamin C content and antioxidant power. It is widely recognized as the star among today’s trendy superfruits. Sourced in Brazil through a highly sustainable supply chain, Naturex’s acerola powder extract has been shown to have 26 times more antioxidant activity than orange.

Two innovative concepts

Data from Mintel shows that new product launches containing cornelian and acerola cherry rose significantly between 2012 and 2016, by 183% in the case of cornelian cherry and 36% in the case of acerola. Naturex has harnessed the benefits of both to create two new Energy Boost product concepts:

Both applications will be showcased at Cosmetics 360 in Paris (18-19 October 2017) and a week later at SCC California (25-26 October 2017).

Emilie Danckaert, Global Category Manager, said: “Our Beauty Food themed range shows how today’s healthy food ingredients can inspire the innovative cosmetics products of tomorrow. Naturex has extensive experience with plant extracts for both the beauty and food industries and this puts us in the perfect position to identify specific food-based ingredients – like cornelian and acerola cherry – that can make the crossover to deliver efficacy and performance in skin care products.”

Energy Boost joins two existing collections within the Beauty Food range – Indulgence and Detox. To find out more about these concepts, visit the Naturex stands at the forthcoming Cosmetics 360 and SCC California events.

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