Naturex’s Pathfinder Program: Moabi butter in Cameroon, an example of responsible and sustainable sourcing


The Moabi, an iconic tree of Cameroon’s forests, first bears fruit 50 years after germination. It is considered to be a sacred tree by local populations.

Though considered a vulnerable resource, it offers a substantial source of revenue for local populations.

In order to allow these local communities to sustainably develop the resource, Naturex has implemented a long-term economic model through a local partnership:
- Ensure a steady income to local populations by utilizing this resource
- Optimize resource management by focusing on the production of Moabi butter rather than using the tree for timber
- Preserve the resource through a replanting program run by local populations (22,000 trees planted to date)

This ambitious project was presented in late 2014 by Naturex Purchasing Manager Anthony Verdugo during the “Sustainable Cosmetics Summit” in Paris. The objective of the summit is to foster sustainable development within the beauty industry by uniting various actors (industry, scientists, certification bodies, etc.) and to encourage debate within the cosmetic community.

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