Naturex showcases market-driven ingredients at IFT


Avignon, 13th June – Exhibiting at booth 2221, Naturex will display its latest market-driven innovations. In addition, the group will be showcasing some of its bestselling ingredients in various applications.


NAT color® offers endless possibilities

Naturex is launching VegeBrite™, the new palette of pure concentrates of fruits and vegetables that complements the existing range of natural color additives, now named E-Color™. Speaking about this launch, Lionel Lesegretain, Business Manager - NAT color®, said “According to the US regulation, all natural colors are natural color additives exempt from batch certification.  We have decided to go beyond that definition by launching VegeBrite™: these ingredients include only pure fruit and vegetable concentrates without formulation additives or preservatives thanks to an aseptic packaging line.”


NAT taste™ helps to improve taste naturally

The NAT taste™ ingredients provide manufacturers with many benefits. Kemfe™ and Talin® are natural solutions that improve the total taste of a product by rounding and rebalancing different taste profiles and masking bitterness and off tastes, each in their own unique way. Visitors can take the challenge to determine which beverage they prefer - the standard light grape-raspberry drink versus the same beverage with Talin® or Kemfe™.


NAT F&V™, the best from fruits and vegetables

The NAT F&V™ range includes a variety of fruit and vegetable powders that can upgrade the flavor, enhance the nutritional profile and compliment the natural image of food and beverage products. Available in a large array of shapes and colors, these products also offer unlimited possibilities for designing foods with unique visual and mouthfeel appeal. 


Transforming natural ingredients into sweet desserts

To discover more about the benefits of its ingredients, Naturex invites customers to taste them in actual food applications:


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About Naturex: 

Naturex manufactures natural speciality ingredients for the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Personal Care industries. Headquartered in France, Naturex employs 1200 people and has 16 production units located in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England and Poland), the United States (New Jersey and California), Brazil, Australia, Morocco and India. In addition, the group has several sales offices worldwide.


Your contacts at Naturex:             

Antoine Dauby

 Group Marketing Director
 Tel: +334 90 23 96 89

 Karine Morel
 Communication Manager
 Tel: +334 90 23 96 89

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