Naturex sponsors NHP Research Alliance and partners with TRU-ID in the authentication of botanical ingredients


Avignon France, 15 September 2017. Naturex has been tackling the complex issues of traceability and identification from the start and the company has been an early adopter of DNA-based authentication of botanical ingredients.  By sponsoring the Natural Health Products (NHP) Research Alliance as a silver sponsor, Naturex, in a collaborative approach with other industry stakeholders, is helping to take botanical identification to the next level.

Building an extensive Standard Biological Reference Library

DNA barcoding offers a lot of potential for botanical testing, but only if it’s performed on the right raw material. One of the NHP Research Alliance’s main goals is to develop and curate a Standard Biological Reference Material (SBRM) DNA library for botanical species used in the industry. This library will be founded on herbarium vouchers, genome scans, and ancillary data that will facilitate the development of new standards for DNA testing in the NHP industry. Naturex, in partnership with TRU-ID, will support this initiative by funding and supplying fully traceable botanical samples that will be used as botanical standards.

“Transparency and safety are consumer concerns that cannot be ignored,” said Dr. Antoine Bily, Global Director of R&D at Naturex, “and we want to ensure that Naturex stays at the forefront of the research in this field. As novel molecular diagnostic tools and standards are developed, leading NHP companies will be recognized as early adopters of DNA-based biotechnology and will be able to promote good practices within the industry, as members of the NHP Research Alliance Advisory Board.”  

“Literally thousands of samples in the supply chain are currently being tested using DNA methods at TRU-ID and Naturex is leading the industry with supplying funding and samples from the supply chain from farm to manufacturing facilities. The NHP Alliance provides standard operating protocols and molecular diagnostic tools that will allow Naturex to test at their facilities with third party oversight and certification from TRU-ID.” said Dr. Steven Newmaster, Director of the NHP Research Alliance. “Many other industry sponsors are contributing resources at varying levels as a wave of industry support mounts, to address the research and development of DNA-based tools for ingredient authentication.”


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About Naturex: Naturex sources, manufactures and markets natural specialty ingredients for the food, health and cosmetic industries. As the Natural Maker, the company actively supports the global shift to natural by directly addressing key consumer expectations through an offer built on two main focus areas: My Natural Food and My Natural Selfcare. Naturex’s portfolio includes colors, antioxidants, specialty fruits & vegetables, phytoactives, and numerous other plant-based natural ingredients designed to help its customers create healthy, authentic and effective products. The Group’s strong commitment to sustainability, continuous innovation process, and the talent of its people are at the heart of its success.

Headquartered in Avignon, France, Naturex has experienced steadily-increasing growth throughout the last 25 years. The group posted €404.4 million in sales in 2016 and employs 1,700 people worldwide. Naturex is listed on Euronext Paris, Compartment B – Index: Euronext Next 150, Enternext CAC PEA-PME 150, CAC Small & Mid, CAC Small, Gaïa - Ticker: NRX - Reuters: NATU.PA - Bloomberg: NRX:FP - DR SYMBOL: NTUXY

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About NHP Research Alliance: Established in 2017 by the University of Guelph and leading industry partners, this consortium utilizes novel molecular diagnostic tools to tackle major issues in ingredient authentication that are challenging the NHP industry. The Alliance mission is to 1) create new verification standards including a global Standard Biological Reference Material

(SBRM) DNA Library for natural health products and 2) DNA-based biotechnology that can be integrated into supply chain management and quality assurance systems. Please contact Dr. Steven Newmaster, Director NHP Research Alliance at


About TRU-ID:  Established in 2013, this is the world’s 1st certification program founded on cutting edge biotechnology, in support of businesses who seek authentic ingredients. We provide confidence that food products are authentic!  Our mission is to advance supply chain verification testing as a means to protect our clients and their customers from the vulnerabilities of mislabelled or contaminated ingredients and to promote honesty in consumer product labeling.  Please contact Dr. Steven Newmaster at call +1-226-778-2954.

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