Naturex unveils its latest developments in Geneva



Naturex launches a number of new ingredients at Vitafoods, in Geneva Switzerland

Naturex showcases at booth 840 its vast range of ingredients in an endless array of applications in the form of dietary supplements, beverages, fruit bars, chocolates and candies.  Naturex is proud to unveil the following new developments in its successful product ranges:


-       NAT activ®: A new brochure summarizing how Naturex extracts in granular form help to contribute to an increase in actives in capsules and tablets and how they improve their key parameters, like mass, harness etc. Naturex will also highlight its specific collection of extracts standardized to polyphenols. More than 50 botanical extracts have been developed. Thanks to highly sophisticated analytical equipment, this range covers all the actives from the main classes and sub-classes of Polyphenols.


-       NAT life™: Naturex will be launching an organic grade of Svetol® (for weight management) and Cyracos® (for relaxation). These 2 new organic references have been created after a rigorous process to guarantee a product that is strictly similar to the standard Svetol® and Cyracos® that have been clinically studied. Additionally, Naturex will present its latest results on Cereboost™ developed for its activity on cognitive performance. 


-       NAT pharma™: Naturex is able to offer a complete line of ingredients, that enables Traditional Herbal Remedies to contain approved claims.  Naturex has an entire team of scientists and pharmacists who have a strong expertise in raw material identification and who can provide assistance with all registration procedures. Naturex is able to compile complete dossiers in the Electronic Common Technical Document (eCTD) format. In addition, Naturex develops tailor made ingredients in various formats (powder or liquid).



-       NAT healthy™: Naturex is able to provide several botanical extracts, which have been derived from various plants that contain naturally occurring actives, such as caffeinederived from Guarana, Green Tea, Kola Nut and Yerba Mate.  According to recent EFSA publications these botanicals can be associated with certain health claims within the EU. For example EFSA has recently published a positive opinion about caffeine relating to several health claims: increase of alertness, attention and endurance performance.



Naturex combines its scientific, regulatory and technical expertise, to provide natural ingredients in line with all customers’ expectations. The company keeps expanding its ingredients portfolio; with the addition of fruit and vegetable powders, dried yeasts and Talin® (Thaumatin), a multifunctional ingredient which offers flavor enhancement, sweetness and bitterness masking benefits.


Your contacts at Naturex: 


Jacques Dikansky
 President and C.E.O.
 Tel: +334 90 23 96 89 /
 Antoine Dauby
 Group Marketing Director
 Tel: +334 90 23 96 89 /

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