Rosemary extracts to receive antioxidant status


Avignon, FRANCE – June, 30th 2008 – Naturex is pleased to forward the attached press release circulated today. Issued by Naturex and the two other main European rosemary extracts manufacturers, it welcomes the recent opinion issued by the European Food Safety Authority (E.F.S.A.) regarding the safety of the use of rosemary extracts as a food additive (antioxidant), which it is now hoped will pave the way for their soon formal approval and adoption into food additives legislation.

This opinion celebrates our efforts spent over the past 11 years and is a major step for this market. Indeed, it considerably expands business opportunities for rosemary extracts in new applications and in the states where they were previously limited by this regulatory issue.

Although the market for rosemary extracts was already healthy, Naturex is now in position to achieve the true market potential for its rosemary extracts thanks to this regulatory update. Naturex’s expertise in formulation, application, and new-product development is backed by experienced technical service and in-depth scientific support. Thanks to an in-house food laboratory and a partnership with a fully equipped meat pilot plant, test kitchen and food application Lab based in Florida (USA), Naturex has tailor-made rosemary extracts for a broad range of food applications. Additionally, Naturex has a large Moroccan facility close to abundant fields of rosemary, allowing significant logistics cost saving.


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