Svetol® – the #1 US slimming ingredient – comes to Europe


Find out more at Vitafoods on Stand 17035
Svetol®, the top-selling slimming ingredient in the US, is taking centre-stage on the Naturex stand at this week’s Vitafoods Europe exhibition. Developed from decaffeinated green coffee bean extract, Svetol® is clinically proven to inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase and increase the rate of fat release from the adipose tissue – a unique mechanism that results in highly effective weight management. The ingredient is produced using Naturex’s proprietary extraction process, which ensures a unique and specific profile of active molecules, in particular chlorogenic acids. Svetol® has grown to become a phenomenon in North America. It is the #1 slimming ingredient in the US, and is now used in 100 co-branded products across the US and Canada. It has a Facebook page of its own with more than 2,700 ‘likes’ and boasts 1,400+ followers on Twitter Antoine Dauby, Naturex Marketing Director, said: “Svetol® is a real success story for Naturex. Even though it is an ingredient, it has managed to gain a very high level of recognition among consumers across North America. We’re confident Svetol® presents a huge opportunity for companies in Europe, too, and we’re delighted to be highlighting its benefits and potential at Vitafoods.” Vitafoods Europe is taking place at Palexpo in Geneva from 14-16 May 2013. Naturex is exhibiting on Stand 17035. Also at the show, Naturex is launching Europe’s first clinically proven – and proanthocyanidin (PAC) standardised – organic cranberry powder targeting urinary tract health. New Pacran® Organic is an extension to the existing range of Pacran® ingredients, which are clinically proven to reduce the recurrence of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Pacran® ingredients are unique full spectrum whole cranberry powders, and are not based only on certain active extracts, such as PACs. Independent science demonstrates that full spectrum cranberry is more effective in helping to prevent UTIs. Organic dietary supplements are only a small part of the overall market, but Naturex believes this is because there has been a lack of investment in gold-standard clinical research involving organic ingredients. With strong scientific substantiation behind it, Pacran® Organic will enable companies to tap into this opportunity. In addition, Naturex is introducing visitors to Vitafoods Europe to a new range of drinkable dietary supplement concepts that offer great taste, naturalness and efficacy, as well as the potential for strong branding and communication. The four concepts are called: Sharpen Your Mind, Coach Your Body, Balance Your Life and Boost Your Vitality and feature a selection of active ingredients that have been the subject of EFSA-approved claims under the Health Claims Regulation and are now on the EU’s Article 13.1 list of 222 approved general function claims. These active ingredients are delivered by Naturex’s NAT activ™ range of botanical extracts, which contain standardised levels of natural vitamins and minerals.  Vitafoods Europe takes place at the Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland, from 14-16 May 2013. Naturex is exhibiting on Stand 17035. Journalists are invited to come to the stand to meet the Naturex team and find out more about Svetol®, Pacran® Organic and NAT activ. About NaturexNaturex manufactures natural speciality ingredients for the food & beverage, nutrition & health and personal care industries. Headquartered in France, Naturex employs 1,400 people and has 15 production units located in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, England and Poland), the USA (New Jersey and California), Brazil, Australia, Morocco and India. In addition, the group has several sales offices worldwide. Visit to find out more.   Your contacts at Naturex:           Antoine DaubyGroup Marketing Director Tel: +334 90 23 96 89  Karine Morel Communication Manager Tel: +334 90 23 96 89

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