Innovation inspired by plants

Currently, only a tiny portion of the plant kingdom’s vast resources have been recorded.

In this boundless field of botanical exploration, our teams strive to reveal the hidden potential of these plants.

The research program covers various aspects of sourcing plant materials while integrating our sustainable development principles.

We analyze the results of sourcing campaigns created through the help of regional partners.

Using an ethnobotanical approach, these campaigns are designed to highlight new plants and identify new uses.

Once plants have been selected, we participate in the creation and development of integrated local supply chains.

Our expert agronomists also offer advice for improving cultivation and harvesting practices in partnership with farmers and growers.


Open innovation: fostering interdisciplinary collaboration


Given the diversity of themes and application areas covered by our innovation research, we operate in an "open innovation" mode. This includes numerous collaborations with external partners, particularly for studying the efficacy of our extracts.



ORTESA, a joint research laboratory for eco-extraction technologies

A true center of excellence for research and innovation, the new ORTESA (Optimization and Research on Extraction Technologies and Alternative Solvents) unit aims to further knowledge and development of eco-extraction techniques.

The laboratory is jointly led by Antoine Bily, Naturex’s R&D director, and Professor Farid Chemat, head of the GREEN research laboratory at the University of Avignon. The GREEN laboratory’s research team studies innovative plant extraction technologies. Both leaders in their respective fields, Naturex and the GREEN laboratory decided to pool their skills and experience.

Eco-extraction applies the principles of sustainable development throughout each step of the extraction process: selecting solvents and technologies, recovering byproducts, reducing unitary operations and limiting the denaturation of the extracted plant material.

Housed at Naturex’s headquarters, the new laboratory has been in operation since January 2014 and hosts a dedicated team composed of researchers from the University of Avignon and Naturex engineers. The group enjoys the latest pilot extraction equipment and high-performance analytical tools.


SPRINGlab, a network of application laboratories for collaborative innovation

Naturex’s SPRINGlab network consists of 7 regional application laboratories located around the world. At each location, the laboratories support clients in their innovation process using natural ingredients: from idea generation to laboratory formulation and sensorial analysis, the network provides the seeds of innovation for finished products.

Besides translating ideas into concrete prototypes, the team answers the technical challenges that can occur when switching from synthetic to natural ingredient solutions in terms of efficacy, cost in use and stability.

By mixing our expertise through collaborative projects, we are the ideal partner to develop products adapted to local consumer preferences while optimizing time-to-market.

Discover our SPRINGlab in video:

Spring Lab corporate

Spring Lab corporate


Market-inspired innovation

Beyond the exploration of new sourcing areas and processes, our teams are constantly following consumer trends around the world and adapting our formulations in order to better anticipate the changing needs of our customers.

Food & Beverage

Natural ingredients to improve the organoleptic characteristics, nutritional properties, and freshness of food products.

Nutrition & Health

Scientifically proven plant extracts and ingredient concepts for dietary supplement and pharmaceutical applications.

Personal care

Natural ingredients to inspire marketing teams and satisfy the scientific rigor of cosmetic formulators.

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