Engredea 2016: Naturex delivers great taste and vegetable goodness on the go


South Hackensack & Chicago, 22 February 2016. Health and wellness, as well as taste and pleasure, remain overarching driving factors in the food industry. Consumers are reluctant to sacrifice taste for health and the industry is constantly on the lookout for new ways to attract shoppers’ attention. Naturex’s food experts have developed some new tasty AND healthy applications that will be showcased at Engredea:

Up-Beet Sports Drink is a cold-pressed sports drink that targets health-conscious, active individuals that work out, want to improve their performance and hydrate. Made using Naturex’s new Unpasteurized Premium Juice (UPJ) line, the beverage combines UPJ vegetable juices with ginseng extract and high vitamin C acerola to create an energizing and hydrating sports drink where all carbohydrates and electrolytes are delivered by the juices. Our new UPJ line utilizes cold pressing and a non-thermal and non-enzymatic processes to preserve the nutritional qualities and health benefits of the raw vegetables.  Naturex is the first vegetable juice supplier to offer the freshest tasting, industrially available vegetable juices on the market today!  UPJ is available in organic and conventional varieties.


Vegetables on the Go (VEGO) Green and Red, two fruit and veg pouches. VEGO Red is a stunning combination of tomato, red bell pepper and raspberry. VEGO Green offers a harmonious mix of spinach, kale, passion fruit and celery. These fruit and vegetable blends meet the market demand for trendy flavors and healthier content, as no sugar has been added. Positioned as an alternative to traditional snacking, these pouches are a perfect fit for busy adults looking to improve their eating habits.



 Among the other applications that will be showcased: a naturally energizing, organic coconut and pineapple Agua Fresca  featuring Naturex’s ingredients, including the new organic turmeric color - and a Fruit & Chai Protein Nut Bar, a delicious almond, pumpkin seed and honey snack that provides indulgence while meeting health and protein needs. 

 Backed by state-of-the-art research facilities in the US and worldwide, Naturex’s range of on-trend products meets its customers’ needs for quality, safety and convenience. Stop by our booth # 639 to try out new food and drink experiences.


About Naturex:

Naturex is the global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients. Through its dedicated business units, the Group addresses the specific needs of three strategic markets: Food & Beverages, Nutrition & Health, and Personal Care. The company offers its customers a full array of high-quality ingredients, responsibly sourced from nature for food, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.

Naturex’s head office is in Avignon, France. The company employs more than 1,700 people and benefits from eight sourcing offices around the world and high-performance manufacturing operations across 15 sites in Europe, Morocco, the United States, Brazil, Australia, India, and Chile. It also has a global commercial presence through a dedicated network of 25 sales offices.




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