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Nature has the capacity to reveal the beauty in each of us and Naturex knows how to capture this natural power at its source.

Fully immersed in the plant world for over 20 years, Naturex has mastered extraction techniques, from simple methods to the most complex processes, such as plant purification.

In its desire to fully respect people and nature around the world, Naturex is committed to making a positive impact by improving living conditions in local populations and maintaining biodiversity.

Naturex’s Personal Care Business Unit identifies and formulates the most effective plant-based ingredients for tomorrow’s cosmetics.

The growth of Naturex’s Personal Care business is driven by a high capacity for innovation, expertise in setting up new supply chains for sourcing plants, and an ability to design new extraction processes.

Stéphanie Puel, Personal Care Business Unit Director


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A world of botanical extracts

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Pure botanical oils

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Revealing the full power of nature


Discover Hydranellys™

Hydranellys™ is a new and highly effective natural ingredient for skin hydration products, derived from Selaginella, a plant that has a novel way of coping with dehydration. In skin care products Hydranellys™ harnesses this unusual capability to ensure good hydration of the skin. More information



High resolution extracts from the plant core

Eutectys™ is composed of six high-definition extracts that have undergone Eutectigenesis; this breakthrough eco-extraction technology uses NaDES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents) to offer a natural alternative to conventional solvents. Eutectigenesis makes it possible to capture the plant cell’s most precious metabolites, in order to obtain biomimetic extracts with augmented phytoactive profiles and improved performance.

Licensing agreement and research collaboration with Scionix Ltd

For years, extensive research has been conducted on deep eutectic solvents by Professor Andrew Abbott. Abbott and his research group discovered these solvents more than ten years ago*, and were granted the first-ever patents**. Naturex has acquired an exclusive license on these patents thus strengthening its number one position in this area. In addition to this licensing agreement, Naturex and Scionix will join forces on fundamental and applied research in the field of NaDES.

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  • Augmented phytochemical profiles
  • Superior biological properties (in vitro proven)
  • Safe & user-friendly products

* Abbott A.P., Capper G., Davies D.L., Rasheed R.K., Tambyrajaha V. “Novel solvent properties of choline chloride/urea mixtures”. Chem. Commun., 2003, 70–71.

**Patent published on September 26, 2001 and granted by the European Patent Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 


Eutectys, an augmented reality

Each plant possesses a very specific spectrum of diverse active compounds. Eutectys™ reproduces the full panorama of this unique plant profile.

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Naturex helps you differentiate your cosmetic projects by applying its expertise to the creation of an exclusive plant extract for your product.



Discover the beauty expertise and skills of Naturex's Personal Care Business Unit through our videos.


Naturex presents EUTECTYS™: high resolution actives developed using a breakthrough extraction technology


Discover Sapnov™, Quillaia extract for natural foaming


Discover the transformation of Quillaia, the soapbark tree with foaming agent properties and its numerous applications in personal care


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Discover our natural ingredient ranges, from extracts to botanical molecules.

NAT oleis™

NAT oleis™, our range of botanical oils for the hair, face, and body.

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Follow our quality control process from the arrival of raw materials at our production site to ingredient dispatch.

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