From nature to application

Uncovering the benefits of nature with innovative technologies

Our core business is built upon our ability to control the technologies used for extraction, purification, and liquid and powder formulation. Naturex is known for its large industrial capacity and expertise. Over the years, we have diversified our technologies by pooling and adapting equipment and methods from our various acquisitions. Through open dialogue between our production sites and the exchange of technological knowledge, our industrial performance continues to advance on a daily basis.

ingredient production in a plant

Standard diagram of ingredient production in a plant


Major processing phases

Naturex extraction


Like tea infused in hot water, extraction gently separates the targeted molecules by transferring them from the raw material to the extraction liquid.

Naturex purification


Like the gold miner’s pan, the purification process is used to sort molecules according to their affinities, size, and physiochemical properties.

Naturex solid formulation

Solid formulation

Just as milk is transformed into powder, the drying process reduces the water content of an active principle.

Naturex liquid formulation

Liquid formulation

Just as mustard stabilizes the mixture of vinegar and oil in a dressing, we formulate our ingredients to fit your recipes.

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