A team of in-the-field experts, agronomists and product range specialists

A core element in our strategy, sourcing feeds all of the company's departments. Closely connected to plants and people, we encourage the preservation of biodiversity and local entrepreneurship. Our teams work each day to align raw material traceability with long-term competitiveness.

Serge Sabrier, Chief Procurement Officer

Lead buyer division

Lead buyers coordinate the development strategy for their raw material lines (fruits and vegetables, plants, pigments, flavors, and manufacturing aids) and offer their technical expertise to the purchasing offices. They provide ongoing coordination with other company departments.

Purchasing office division

Our eight purchasing offices cover the entire surface of the globe. Our agronomists, located around the world, have developed precise botanical knowledge of their geographical area. Working closely with local partners, they establish long-term relationships in accordance with local culture.

Agronomy and sustainable development division

This division provides technical support to suppliers under cultivation contract and to purchasing offices. Experts in sustainable development, our agronomists encourage, facilitate and monitor the implementation of responsible practices by all actors in the supply chain.


Sourcing, a major company asset

Controlling resources and supply chains guarantees the security of supplies particularly through optimized cultivation and harvesting contracts.

Cultivation contracts

Harvesting contracts


600 families of raw materials organized by category



Devil's claw



Herbs and Spices




Olive leaf



Fruits and Vegetables

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