Fighting photoaging with Cherry Blossom


Naturex launches an active to prevent photoaging and gains momentum for its Eutectys® collection

Avignon, 03/29/2016 - Although it is essential to enjoy the sunshine, especially for vitamin D and endorphin production, it’s no secret that repeated sun exposure often results  in premature skin aging. Photoaging is a major market concern among consumers who are looking for products that deliver performance for a long-lasting youthful look. At the upcoming In-Cosmetics Show, cosmetic formulators will have the opportunity to discover a new patented anti-photoaging extract.

Cherry blossom: capturing the strength of a delicate and fresh flower

Cherry blossoms are the iconic flowers of spring, a time of renewal, and rebirth of Nature. Also a symbol of delicacy and hope, they are easily linked to feminine beauty. But these fragile and short-lived flowers can deliver powerful cosmetic benefits especially when they are carefully grown and harvested.

Naturex’s new Cherry Blossom Eutectys™ extract is sustainably sourced in the heart of Provence, less than 50 miles from Naturex’s processing facility. The fresh flowers, a by-product of cherry fruit cultivation, are carefully handpicked and follow a dedicated supply chain that insures full respect of sustainability recommendations, especially regarding the avoidance of chemical treatments.

Superior cosmetic benefits…

Nature has developed a group of mechanisms to minimize damage to the skin caused by UV radiation. But as time goes by (and with repeated exposure), these repair mechanisms wear down. UV-induced inflammation and disorganization of collagen fibrils can occur along with dramatic effects on skin barrier function. Cherry Blossom Eutectys™ has a proven anti-inflammatory effect, by inhibition of TNF-α release. Its anti-oxidant benefits also prevent oxidative stress and avoid any triggering of the DJ1-Nrf2 pathway.  Cherry Blossom also has firming and regenerating effects as it increases collagen synthesis and inhibits MMP-1 release, which contributes to the repair of the Extra Cellular Matrix. Last but not least, Cherry Blossom extract helps to improve the skin barrier function by increasing cell-to-cell adhesion and cornification.To showcase the benefits of cherry blossom, Naturex has developed three new applications : a face fluid, and hydrating face oil and a rejuvenating mask.

thanks to the Eutectigenesis extraction process

Extracted with Naturex’s breakthrough Eutectigenesis technology, Cherry Blossom Eutectys™ is an active that presents an augmented phytochemical profile. Eutectigenesis is an eco-extraction process based on NaDES (Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent) technology, which reveals the plants active compounds more efficiently. When comparatively tested, the Eutectys™ extract demonstrated much higher activity than a standard cherry blossom extract (water: glycerin 50:50).

Stop by Naturex’s booth #E70 at the In Cosmetics show to learn more!


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