Naturex focuses on clean & clear labels at IFT18 with launch of plant-based alternative to EDTA

Naturex at IFT18

Chicago (IL, USA) Naturex will launch a new natural solution for food preservation at the forthcoming IFT18 Expo.

Called XtraBlend® RN, it will be unveiled as part of Naturex’s Clean & Clear Label theme, with natural colors, fruit powders, vegetable purees and oat flour also in the spotlight.

A botanical solution for oxidation management in mayonnaise

EDTA is a synthetic agent used in food applications such as mayonnaise and other lipid emulsions to prevent the development of off-tastes and a deterioration in color. Manufacturers today are seeking natural alternatives to EDTA in order to ensure their products are compatible with the trend for clean labels. XtraBlend® RN is the result of a major research program conducted by Naturex that explored the chelating and free radical scavenging properties of more than 400 botanicals. Since they are familiar and clearly understood to be of natural origin, botanical extracts resonate well with consumers.

Catherine Bayard, Category Manager for Naturex, said: “In light of the trend for clean labels, it has become clear that a rethink on EDTA is now needed. XtraBlend® RN provides the perfect plant-based solution to this dilemma, delivering similar oxidation management to EDTA but with a clean and clear label.”

At the IFT18 conference, Naturex will present details of a research program that has led to breakthroughs in the identification and understanding of the antioxidant mechanisms of natural extracts. Speakers Margot Loussouarn, Mickaël Laguerre and Simona Birtic will deliver a paper entitled New insights into using photon emission to image lipid oxidation patterns in food matrices on Monday 16 July at 3:30pm (McCormick Place, S403AB).

Eye-catching natural ingredient concepts

Also on the Naturex booth will be a selection of ‘instagrammable’ application concepts that look great when shared on social media, something young people increasingly enjoy doing. Available to see and taste will be a Unicorn ice cream roll made with a blend of Vegebrite® natural colors – Ice Blue and Beetroot – plus turmeric extract to create a 100% natural but stunning rainbow effect.

A further major focus for Naturex at IFT18 Expo will be its unique range of fire roasted fruit and vegetable purees. They are produced using a high temperature direct flavor roasting technology which intensifies the taste of fresh produce into sweet, caramelized concentrated notes that deliver a savory, smoky character. Application concepts showcasing these ingredients will include a Fire Roasted Pineapple & Jalapeño refreshing beverage formulated with light roasted pineapple and fire roasted jalapeño purees to create a taste experience that mixes sweetness with a little heat.

With the World Cup in Russia finishing just a day before IFT18 Expo begins, visitors can toast the climax of the planet’s biggest festival of soccer with a Moscow Mule Mocktail, Naturex’s non-alcoholic take on the popular cocktail. Made with NAT arom botanical extracts, it delivers all the kick of the original but without the fuzzy head the next morning!

IFT18 Expo takes place in Chicago, Illinois from 16-18 July 2018.


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