Naturex introduces Kemfe™, a new flavoring ingredient to improve taste


Avignon, 29th November 2011 – Naturex is launching Kemfe™, a new flavoring ingredient that has a direct action on taste perception and enhancement.


Kemfe™ is extracted from the Thaumatococcus Daniellii, which grows wild in the West African rain forest. Katemfe is the traditional name for this fruit and has been consumed for hundreds of years by the local people.


This slightly sweet ingredient is very diverse and provides manufacturers with many benefits. Kemfe™ is used for flavoring purposes; it is capable of improving, enhancing and balancing a wide variety of taste profiles. It can also be used as an effective bitterness masker, thanks to its ability to overcome the perception of off-notes.


Harvested with respect to traditional methods and to sustainable working practices, the edible part of the fruit is quickly frozen. The Naturex dedicated factory then extracts the flavoring ingredient using water extraction.


Katemfe complies with the definition of a natural flavoring preparation according to EU Regulation 1334/2008/EC and should be declared as a flavor.


Kemfe™ can be used in the flavor industry as well as directly in many Food and Beverage applications such as soft drinks, dairy or savoury products etc.



About Naturex: 

Naturex manufactures natural speciality ingredients for the Food & Beverage, Nutrition & Health and Personal Care industries. Headquartered in France, Naturex employs 1000 people and has 13 production units located in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and England), the United States (New Jersey and California), Brazil, Australia and Morocco. In addition, the group has several sales offices worldwide.

Your contacts at Naturex:       

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Business Manager – NAT taste™
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