New clinical study shows the benefits of Powergrape® supplementation in elite sports nutrition


Avignon, FRANCE - Wednesday 30th September - Naturex announces that a recent study, published in the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (JSSM 2009 Sept 1;8:468-480), demonstrates the effect of Powergrape® for enhancing antioxidant status and physical performance in elite male athletes.

Inspired by the traditional principle of the French Paradox, Powergrape® is a red grape extract from a high-quality Bordeaux variety. With its unique composition of polyphenols, Powergrape® has been perfected to take advantage of its tonic and protective properties against oxidative stress, which have been demonstrated in several clinical studies.

This new clinical study confirms the efficacy of Powergrape® supplementation on antioxidant status and physical performance in elite athletes during competition.

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study involved 20 athletes from different sports (handball, basketball, sprint, and volleyball). After one month of supplementation with 400 mg of Powergrape® per day, scientists observed the following in athletes:

-          Improvements in the antioxidant status of the body measured by ORAC* and FRAP methods, and reduction of oxidative stress induced by physical exercise.

-          Reduction of cell damage in muscle and plasma during physical exercise, as suggested by the decrease of creatine phosphokinase (CpK) and the increase of hemoglobin concentrations in plasma.

-          Increase of the global performance proven by a physical test.

These results mark Powergrape® as an ally of professional sportsmen during competition.
 Moreover, Powergrape® has received the Informed-Sport certification, guaranteeing that it does not contain any forbidden doping substance. That means that Powergrape® is regularly tested for World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) banned substances by HFL, the world's largest sports drug surveillance and research laboratory, with more than 40 years of leadership in doping control in sport.

This certification, together with our new clinical study results, confirms that Powergrape® is a natural and safe health and performance-enhancing ingredient that is perfectly suited for use in elite sports nutrition.

*Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity           
 * The ferric reducing ability of plasma (FRAP) as a measure of "antioxidant power" 
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